Programa de Yoga para todo nivel en Las Flores Resort

Nuestras instructoras permanentes de yoga, Imelda y Alexia viven en San Salvador y pueden ser llamadas con por lo menos 24hrs de anticipación para sus clases en el Deck de Yoga en Las Flores Resort.

Imelda Yaskel Baires wquiere demostrar que, a través del yoga, tu cuerpo fue diseñado para hacer cosas increíbles y restaurar la confianza con la que se contaba en la niñez que se podía lograr cualquier cosa con solo tratar, permitirnos creer en uno mismo, jugar y explorar.
Imelda es una instructora certificada en Rishikesh, India y se especializa en Vinyasa, Hatha y Vinyasa Ashtanga Yoga, pero también otras disciplinas. Sus prácticas siempre están llenas de Energia, un reto y un giro gracioso.

Alexia Miranda es nuestra instructora de yoga y fitness, que además es una artista reconocida y maestra. Ella ha estado en prácticas de yoga desde 1999 bajo las enseñanzas de Nam Nidham Kur Khalsa y Suzanne Moore entre otros. Alexia es una instructora permanente en San Salvador.

El costo es de $70 por día por persona (incluye 2 sesiones de yoga por día) con un mínimo de 2 días.

Upcoming Group Retreats:

Las Flores Surf & Yoga Experience
Dates: Oct 21 - 28, 2017

Enriching Activities

Yoga Classes are lead by certified yoga teacher (and all around badass woman) Carrie Rossman. Carrie compliments each day with an enlightening range of experience. Begin the day with a morning flow session to prepare your body for the day’s adventures. The afternoon/night session consists of yin or meditation by candle-light under the stars. There is also a workshop-based class during the week to refine your practice. Her teachings come from the Hatha Yoga lineage that allow practitioners to be safely guided with proper alignment into a pose and instill knowledge on pose refinement. Carrie is a true heart listener and her knowledge and passion for yoga, surfing and life will leave your soul smiling.

Beginner, intermediate, or expert surfer, long board or short board… we’ve got you covered. Las Flores is a classic sand point break that caters to all levels! Beginners will benefit from ninety minutes a day of personal surf instruction. The advanced surfer can enjoy two boat trips per day, as well as the point in front of the resort. Intermediate surfers can benefit from personal surf coaching as well as the option of one boat trip per day.

If you need a break or want to pass on surfing altogether, your surf pass can be exchanged each day for a variety of other activities including: Spa Treatments, Fishing Tours, Kayaking, Spider Monkey Tour, Alegria Lagoon & Coffee Plantation Tour, Las Tunas Tidal Bar Tour, San Miguel City Cultural and a Shopping Tour.

During our February Retreat, we took guests on a special field trip to a local school. We were excited to bring lunch, school supplies, and sports gear! We were greeted by 24 curious little faces and after a few hours of playing and engaging with the kids, left with smiles and endless hugs. Joining Nomad Inc. for a community project is an optional activity but we hope you’ll share in our company’s fundamental value to give back to the community.

Effortless adventure:

Leave the details to us, we do this for a living. Not only will your Nomad Ambassadors be on hand to ensure that all expectations are completely exceeded, but an experienced photographer will be present to document the fun, both in and out of the water! This is a chance to explore a new country, ride the best wave of your life, learn how to focus the mind and attention to live within the moment, or just relax…Join us for an unforgettable surf & yoga experience in paradise.

Nomad Travel Inc. | Phone: (970) 930-5457 | Email:


SwellCo-ed El Salvador Surf & Yoga
February 25-March 4, 2017

With Lulu Agan (Owner) and Katy Cox ~ Nutritional Therapist, Yoga Instructor & Yoga Therapy Massage

Why should girls have all the fun? SwellWomen now offers co-ed retreats to men & women!

- Seven night luxury accommodations at a gorgeous and breathtaking Boutique Hotel on a pristine sandy beach in front of the world class surf break.
- All-inclusive food & non-alcoholic beverages prepared by an amazing local chef.
- Each participant will receive a Swag Bag valued over $225.00 which includes a complimentary SPF rash guard.
- 6 x Surf lessons with professional, patient, and knowledgeable surf instructors & use of your board all day.
- One photo shoot capturing your surfing highlights.
- 2 x daily yoga classes that focus on opening and strengthening the muscle groups used for surfing, balancing the chakras & restoring the body after a day of surfing.
- Experience harmony and well-being with a professional spa massage by our on-site Therapist.
- RT Transportation from the airport to the villa.
- Surf Snacks throughout the week to help keep you fueled and nourished.

Note: Gratuities are left to the discretion of the guest and based on their personal experience.

A Very Swell Day

How do we fit so much into one day? By taking care of all the details so that you can truly enjoy your surf camp vacation.

- 5:00am Light Pre-Surf Breakfast
- 6:15 – 8:30 am Surf Lessons / Surfing
- Up until 11AM enjoy a Full Breakfast whenever you are done surfing
- 10:00am Yoga Session 12:00-5:00pm Lunch whenever you are ready and activities vary in the afternoon and include; free time, afternoon excursions, recreational surfing, and lounging by the pool, spa sessions, naps, etc.
- 5:00pm Sunset Yoga Class
- 7:00pm Group Dinner

The schedule may change according to surf conditions, destination or other events that may be added to your surf and wellness package. Do you need to participate in everything? We are here to provide many options for you to choose from. If you opt to relax by the pool the entire day or choose to participate in only one activity per day, you will be supported in that decision. It’s your surf and yoga vacation, and we are here to accommodate you in whatever choice brings you the highest bliss.

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