Surf Spots

Las Flores Main Point

Very consistent right point break. It is a sand point directly in front of the hotel that breaks mechanically with a hollow takeoff at low tide (softer at high tide) and very l ong rides up to 300m. The wave has many personalities depending on the swell size and tide. On swells of 6-8ft (faces) or bigger and lower tides it is a serious wave for experienced surfers (it has been compared to Jeffrey’s Bay and Bells), and the takeoff is critical as well as competitive, with surfers lining up and dropping in behind the rocks, and a fall here has consequences. On small to moderate swells (3-5 ft faces), or fuller tides, Las Flores is a classic sand point break, super fun on a shortboard, fish, or longboard, with long open faces and wackable wall sections comparable to a good day at Rincon or Noosa. The break can shut down almost entirely at high tide if there is not much swell, but on the biggest of swells the high tide is more manageable.

La Vaca

300 m West of Las Flores. This right point works best on a low to mid tide, and a 4-6 ft swell. Vaca is a hollower, critical, shorter wave than Flores. Punta Vaca can be a great option for the experienced surfer looking for heavy takeoffs and tube rides, and can provide crowd relief if the point at Las Flores is congested.


Toro De Oro

1 km West of Las Flores. This righthand point works best on a low to mid tide, and a solid 4ft+ swell, but can also hold big swells. The wave breaks in deepwater with a steep but forgiving take off and offers long lined up rights with 200m rides when on. The wave face is very carveable but steep, with rocks. Safest access is by boat due to treacherous entry and rocks on the inside.
Punta Mango.


Punta Mango

15 min. West of Las Flores. Access: boat only. Powerful right cobblestone point break w/200m rides when on, machine-like. It is has a hollow take off with a serious barrel at size AND a hollow inside section. It works on a 3ft+ swell and all tides, but 4-7 ft SW is best. Closes out over 8 feet. Reef booties are recommended but not mandatory. The hollowest wave in the region, but also the most wind sensitive. Experienced surfers only even when small, due to currents and shallow inside rocks. The wave has become popular and is sometimes semi-crowded w/3-4 boats and 15-20 surfers at peak hours.


Punta Bongo

Another right point. Accessible only by boat. This wave is like an inferior Las Flores. Low to mid tides best. Cannot handle much wind. Always uncrowded.



El Cuco Beachbreak

A hollow beachbreak in front of the town with one distinct peak, favoring lefts. Usually when it is this good the point is better, but check it anyway. Sometimes it is good when the point isn't and can work on a higher tide, offering a scrappier alternative.

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