Las Flores Surfboard Rentals

Save a fortune on Airline Surfboard fees, which now average $250-$400 roundtrip depending on carrier! 

Surfboard rental fee: $10.00/day

FREE with any Surfer package!

Security Deposit:  Full security deposit will be assessed for breakage of surfboard. (Rental fee will be applied towards security deposit in these cases). Devaluation will be assessed for damage to surfboard. 

Nota: Tabla doblada o severamente dañada se considera perdida total y se cobrará el depósito.

Credit cards for rental and security deposit accepted.


#  Brand   Size   Condition   Fins   Deposit
L11 Degree 33 (White)  


   Good   Future Fins 
L13 Isle Blue Noserider E-core   9'2'' x 22 1/2'' x 3 2/5''   Fair   FCS+1   $200
   See Firewire Surfboards Demo Program. for more options                


#  Brand   Size   Condition   Fins   Deposit
S01 Byrne 6 Channel 
(Swallow tail)
  6'4'' x 18 7/8'' 
x 2 1/2''
  Good    FCS   $300
S02 Lost Mayhem   5'11''x18.88 x 2.32  27.33L   Good   FCS   $300
S05 Coil Industries   6'5" x 18.75"
x 2.47"  32.1L
  Good   FCS    $300
S08 Pearson Arrow Thruster  

 6'4'' x   18 3/4''     x2 3/8''

  Good    FCS    $300
S09 Rusty Slayer   7'6'' x 20.85''
x 2.8''
  Fair   Future   $100
    See Firewire Surfboards Demo Program. for more options                

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